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After Party


Product Description


Alkaline Water, Lemon, Maple Syrup, Activated Charcoal.


Whole Body Detoxification, Liver Support, Hangover Remedy


Tasting like sweet Canadian maple syrup and delicious lemon, After Party is the best tasting lemonade around, and looks much scarier than it tastes! With a not-so-secret ingredient giving it its signature black-as-night hue, activated charcoal calms upset stomachs, reduces bloating and gas, and absorbs all kinds of toxins throughout the digestive tract. Fresh zesty lemon improves liver detoxification, while maple syrup provides minerals and a little burst of energy for when you might just be feeling less than your best! We like to think of After Party as your insurance policy for a better morning.

Juicy Tip: Enjoy After Party during your festivities and the next morning, or simply enjoy as a delicious tasting maple lemonade!


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